Info Facebook mail is a virtual gallery built on a multi-player gaming platform,
where visitors are able to interact with each other on the site in real time,
regardless of their locations in the world.

To enter the gallery:
1. Please install Unity Web Player Plugin here.
2. Right-click the grey box below and click "Run this plug-in"
3. White loading screen will appear and the gallery will load in about 3 mins.
4. Mac users who can't type may download the standalone version here
5. Type a name and allow microphone access!

Arrow Keys or W to Walk, Enter to Chat, Hold V to Talk, Space to Jump, Hold Shift to Run

Left-Click to Klink Glasses, Right-Click to Zoom

Thank you for visiting the SPOKEN exibition on!

September 24, 2014-September 14, 2015

SPOKEN is an intersection of art, creative writing, virtual reality, e-publishing and social media.
Produced by Eugene Soh and Stephen Black, SPOKEN features the work of an eclectic and dynamic group of international artists and writers.
What can an online gallery be?

Design: Roy Chan

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